spring break kitchen organization: a guide to cleaning one of your favorite nooks at home

It’s spring break! This means seaside parties and nearby travels, hiking and other thrilling adventures, and big crowd festivities.

Or perhaps, shopping sprees, tea and slumber parties, learning a new skill or hobby, and reading for leisure, for you whose personality tends to lean more on being a homebody.

However, don’t forget to extend the fun to increasing the appeal of your lawn and curbside through DIY gardening. Make your living room atmosphere more inviting, too, through home cleanup and new interior arrangement.

You’ll want to squeeze tidying up and organizing your house in your already crammed spring break schedule. You’ll feel good about it afterwards.

Of course, never leave kitchen organization off your spring break home organization to-do list. Your kitchen is one of the segments at home which will need more focus on.

Don’t worry! Let’s make it easy for you!

Here are simple yet significant pointers to help you out in your spring break kitchen organization. Let’s take a look at kitchen cleaning management, arranged per segment.

the kitchen appliances: gas range, refrigerator, dishwashing machine, microwave or oven

For the gas range, refrigerator, dishwashing machine and microwave or oven, the tried-and-tested mixture of white vinegar and water with a little help of baking soda never fails to work. At the ratio of three parts water and one part white vinegar, stubborn stains and grime on your regularly used appliances should be easily wiped off.

First off, take out all the removable plastic, glass or metal parts in your gas range, refrigerator, dishwashing machine and microwave or oven. Wipe each of them carefully with a soft cloth soaked in your blend of white vinegar and water until you completely rid them of grease and dirt. Thereafter, wash them with water and dishwashing paste or liquid and rinse. Then wipe with clean, dry cloth and air-dry completely prior to assembling them back into their places.

The amount of the whole mix will depend on how much you need according to the measure of what you are cleaning and how attached the spills and gunk are on them.

On the other hand, sprinkling baking soda over the specific parts and areas of every one of your kitchen appliances then lightly scrubbing it with a clean, damp sponge should also do the trick.

In addition, baking soda also makes for a great natural deodorizer in your fridge and other enclosed kitchen areas. Simply leave an open box of baking soda in your fridge and cabinets. That should help eliminate any unwanted stinks.

But watch out for the electronic parts! Make sure to have your appliances all unplugged before you start your cleanup! Be careful to not spill liquid over to them, too!

the favorite mini bar essentials: coffee brewing and tea infusion accessories


For your coffee brewing and tea infusion accessories, any regular dishwashing paste or liquid and water should do with our user-friendly and easy-to-clean Kitchables Pour Over Coffee Maker Carafe, Stainless Steel Drip Cone and Teapot with Infuser. You can even just effortlessly put them in your dishwashing machine.



These are the qualities which Kitchables items boast of owing to our promise of simplifying kitchen duties – from coffee brewing and tea infusion to tidying up after enjoying your favorite beverages!

miscellaneous: floors and doors, walls and window parts, sinks

Turn to baking soda and water or white vinegar and water then again for disinfecting your marble floors and walls as well as for cleaning your metal sinks, window glasses and sills.

the storage: shelves, cupboards and countertops

Decluttering your kitchen shelves, cupboards and countertops starts with taking out all their contents. Set all these aside then you can start dusting your compartments clean.

For the marble areas of your countertops, you can always count on our 3-to-1 white vinegar and water mix for cleaning them.

It’s then time to check the supplies in your kitchen compartments which you previously put aside. Segregate which ones go to waste and which ones stay. This will save you space and make finding kitchen implements much more efficient.

the other kitchen implements: portable containers and utensils


Saving space is also made easy with our Kitchables glass mugs and cups which all come in sets. Our mugs and cups do not only make washing easy but they also make storing easy. They are shatterproof so you would not have to worry over their clinking on each other resulting in cracks or breakage. They are easily stackable, too!

For storage of coffee, tea, other food and beverage ingredients, while it may be tempting to be economic and pick up empty glass and plastic jars to use for keeping foodstuff, it is not the best practice.

Yes, let’s recycle our good old glass cookie jars. However, reserve the idea and intention for other purposes such as arts, crafts and the rest of your home DIY projects.


Don’t settle for anything less than the Kitchables Canister. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice the quality of your coffee beans and grounds, and loose tea leaves and bags. Plus, you never have to worry over keeping track of expiration when our Canister has a built-in calendar to serve as a reminder of how long the freshness of your foodstuff will stay and when the time to replenish is.

You’ll end up saving more with investing in our Canister that also comes with a 2tbsp scoop. It’s that one-off, high quality and even stylish metal container that brings a lifetime’s worth of benefits and that will live up to this promise.

Allot a Kitchables Canister for each of your cooking and brewing ingredients which you regularly have available by the kitchen countertop. After all, you can never have too many Kitchables Canisters. Every piece will be worth every penny.

Kitchen organization on a nice, laidback spring break will surely be much more fun and creative with Kitchables!

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your most Googled coffee-related questions, answered

Are there things about coffee that you can’t help wondering about? Have you found answers to your coffee-related curiosities?

Read on and learn more about one of the world’s most favorite beverages.

You might not know it but perhaps many coffee drinkers have been asking the same burning questions which you may have.

how to choose excellent quality coffee beans

Choosing great quality beans is, to begin with, key to brewing great-tasting coffee.

It is always best to know what your true preference in coffee is. That taste and that whiff of coffee which you have always stuck with.

Next up, know the very basic tip-off about roast – bear in mind, the darker it is, the milder; the lighter it is, the stronger.

Then it’s time to take your pick.

It is also always a good idea to try variations of coffee beans. While you sure have your all-time favorite, this habit will make you gain more practical knowledge about coffee and coffee beans, and widen your range of selections, too.

Also, most coffee connoisseurs recommend purchase of whole beans rather than readily ground coffee. The reason for this is because grinding coffee beans only a few minutes before actual home-brewing will give you better-tasting results.

Moreover, choose your regular store to shop at and talk to its experts who can suggest to you what to buy and give you accurate information as well about your choices including the age of the beans and how they were grown and harvested.

You can also subscribe to Kitchabox for monthly supplies of the perfect coffee!

how to make bulletproof coffee

First off, here’s what’s contained in bulletproof coffee – upgraded black coffee, grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil.

To make your own, you’ll need these DIY ingredients – brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and coconut oil, which you can easily find in your home kitchen and the grocer’s as alternatives to the formerly mentioned components.

After brewing using your handy Kitchables pour over coffee maker, plunge a slice of unsalted butter into the brew while it’s still freshly hot. Finish off your own version of homemade bulletproof caffeine mix with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix it thoroughly for over a minute in a blender.

Et voilà! Your bulletproof coffee is ready to serve!

is coffee addictive?

No, coffee is not innately addictive.

Some constant coffee drinkers may find some “dependence” on coffee in that they feel like they function better with their regular caffeine consumption. There is also the tendency for intake of multiple cups in a day. This, however, cannot be considered as an impulsive and rather uncontrolled addiction.

This is only one of the many misconceptions that surround coffee which continue to mystify consumers around the world. Learn a few more. Here are other myths about coffee, busted!

how to best preserve and store coffee beans and grounds

Air, moisture, sunlight and heat are the most common causes of premature deterioration of quality of coffee beans and grounds, if not entirely making them stale all the way more easily. And these elements are practically always around.

Keep these culprits off your beans and grounds. Preserve the high quality of your coffee roasts by housing them in airtight sealed storage.

Secure your favorite coffee beans or grounds in the widely raved about Kitchables Canister? Pick between the 17oz capacity or the smaller 16oz.

Our canisters which come in seven vibrant hues are equipped with lids designed with AirFresh Valve Technology guaranteeing to completely lock out air and in turn, keep the fresh flavors and aroma of beans and grounds in.

Another helpful pointer would be to buy only the right, easily consumable amount of beans and grounds and replenishing as needed instead of hoarding huge quantities. Buying smaller bags will make for a good deal to keep the contents fresh. You can also divide your supplies into different smaller containers. This is a good and healthy practice, too.

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pour over coffee makers: proper care for your favorite brewing essential

Taking your time when preparing and drinking your morning coffee, or at any time of the day at that, is definitely much more fun than the easy stirring of instant caffeine fix. Wouldn’t it be nicer to step away from the fast-paced yet humdrum ways when it comes to food and beverage preparation which probably almost all of us have gotten so used to?

You will only need to gear yourself with some Kitchables brewing essentials which promise a lifetime of service.

And while the Kitchables line of product offerings is the last kit of brewing items you will ever have to purchase, proper care for your utensils, particularly your pour over coffee maker, is a constant necessity to ensure that it lasts for decades over decades.

Cleaning your glass carafe

Using fairly warm water and mild soap should do wonders just like it does to any other glassware and ceramic ware.

The Kitchables Glass Coffee Pot is dishwasher-friendly so that you can just conveniently load it in your machine.


Maintenance of your stainless steel cone filter

While upkeep of the carafe is relatively easier, you may find maintenance of the permanent stainless metal filter more challenging.

Stubborn coffee residue stuck in the dripper holes may be unavoidable at times. All you have to do is carefully wipe it off with a soft piece of fabric or take them out with soft-bristled brush. Then you can proceed with the classic yet foolproof warm water plus soap formula.

In addition, permanent filters will also require deep clean on a monthly basis to maximize its use in the production of great coffee.

Its deep clean can be performed by overnight soaking in a mixture of water and white vinegar at 13 to 1 ratio. After which, you can go ahead and hand wash or place it in the dishwashing machine.

Daily tidy-up and monthly deep clean of the Kitchables metal drip cone are guaranteed to be much easier owing to its dual micromesh technology which helps in the prevention of clogging.


Fine quality coffee beans and grounds as well contribute to keeping your brewing gears spotless

Pick your coffee like a true connoisseur or better yet, subscribe to our Kitchabox and gift yourself a package of meticulously sourced and roasted coffee beans for the most optimal taste and feel of coffee brewing and sipping.

Kitchabox subscription plan varies. Give our Kitchabox quiz a shot and find out which plan will work best for you.

Because you deserve only the best brewed coffee! Happy brewing!

Kitchables Coffee Recipes Ideas

How-To Coffee Hacks: Ideas for Coffee Recipes You Need To Try

Are you looking for other ways on how to enjoy your coffee even more? If your a purist when it comes to coffee, you’ve got nothing to lose when it comes to trying out these recipes! If you love to experiment with various coffee recipes, then we have the right resource for you!

It’s all about knowing a systematic way of bringing the best flavor out of coffee beans. You can do this through different methods and adding the right ingredients!

So without further ado, here’s our guide on the best coffee recipes you should try!

Homemade Coffee Recipes for Spring

We made this short recipe video for spring; but we do agree that the recipes here are perfect for any season!

How To Make Cold Brew in 3 Easy Steps

Cold brew has been making waves in the coffee industry over the past few years. But do you know that you can also make one at home? It definitely is not the same as brewing your coffee in a few minutes. We show you a simple way on how to make cold brew coffee, so you won’t have to sweat much about it.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is sworn by its drinkers as the ultimate drink to enjoy while reaping its mental health and weight loss benefits. It improves mental stamina and aids in dramatic weight loss. Here’s how you can make one for yourself at home, without spending big bucks on ingredients.

7 Coffee Picks for the Holidays

Looking for fresh coffee ideas for the holidays? Here are some delectable coffee recipes that will warm your soul for the winter season.

How To Give Your Coffee a Boost

If you’re tired of the same old coffee, give it a boost with these simple hacks that can boost your mood and make your day!

If you have more coffee recipes or hacks that you would like to share, hit us a message at for your idea to be featured!

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Kitchables Tea Guide

The Kitchables Guide To Tea: Health Benefits and Delicious Options

We’re excited to show you our series of informational videos about tea! This series focuses on the benefits of tea when it comes to health and spicing up your life! You’ll get to discover that tea is not just a calming and uplifting beverage which brings out the zen from within. You can also use it on your favorite recipes, find creative ways to use it, and finally get rid of those extra pounds.

So here are some short videos that we came up with as some sort of easy-to-digest information about this great beverage. Enjoy!

5 Great Reasons Why Drinking Tea is Good For You

This “enlightenment in a cup” has loads of health benefits that will improve your fitness. Get more out of life with a daily dose of zen – whenever you need it during the day.

Get To Know the Four Main Types of Tea

We recommend drinking these four types of tea for you to know which one (or more) really work for you! Each type of tea has its own set of benefits and flavor. You’ll be missing half of your life if you won’t explore each one of them.

How To Do a 7-Day Teatox

Here’s a safe way on how to do a tea detox for you to shed off those extra pounds. You’ll feel lighter and more vibrant with each succeeding day. Try it and see for yourself!

You can also know more about experiencing natural green tea detox the right way here.

5 Delicious Ways You Can Use Matcha at Home

There’s more to matcha than meets the eye. Try one or more of these tips for you to truly appreciate this nature’s wonder!

5 Easy Ways to Infuse Tea to Your Most Loved Recipes

Here are some ways you can bring out the best flavor out of meals using tea! You’ll be surprised with the delicious results.

Kitchabox Coffee Tea

Kitchabox Coffee and Tea Video Series

We here at Kitchables created and launched the Kitchabox to bring joy to more coffee and tea lovers out there. We’ve developed a line of coffee and tea essentials to bring back the joy of brewing at home. The Kitchabox is what makes the home brewing experience more enjoyable, with a box of surprises coming home to you every month.

We’ve compiled this video series for you to know more about how you can make the most out of the coffees or teas you get every month. What’s the difference between getting a coffee or tea box? What can you make out of your Kitchabox? We’ve also added some videos on how you can hack your way to brewing every coffee or tea to perfection.


Coffee Vs. Tea: Which is Better?

Here are the differences, pros and cons of coffee and tea. We do, however, believe that one doesn’t trump the other. Both have their own unique differences that have made them the most loved beverages of the world.


Basic Types of Hot Coffee Drinks

Now that you have your own coffee beans, here are the basic types of hot coffee drinks you can make at home.


Get To Know the Four Main Types of Teas

Here are the four main types of tea, some of which you’ll get to receive when you go for a Kitchabox tea subscription. There is indeed enlightenment with every cup of tea.


Awesome Coffee Hacks You Need To Try

You don’t have to drink coffee as it is, when you can come up with so many different ways to enjoy it even more. Here are a few tips and tricks that can boost your coffee’s flavor and health benefits.


5 Easy Ways to Infuse Tea To Your Most Loved Recipes

There’s so much more you can do with a pot of brewed tea. Here are easy ways to make your recipes more flavorful using your favorite teas.






Kitchabox Feature

Kitchabox Start Up Guide: How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Coffee or Tea Subscription

Every Kitchabox is thoughtfully crafted with the subscriber’s preferences in mind. Our coffee beans and loose leaf teas are curated fromthe best picks from around the world. Everything is made with love – from the ethically sourced coffee and tea to the stories behind each box. You can also opt to get coffee or tea brewing kits with a Kitchabox you purchase.

This guide will help you make the most out of each Kitchabox. We have separate guides for coffee and tea subscribers below. You can also check out more posts on our blog and Youtube channel for more information and inspiration about coffee and tea!

Here’s what you’ll read on this guide:

  1. Kitchabox Coffee Guide
  • Coffee Brewing Guide
  • Boost Your Coffee For Everyday Happiness
  1. Kitchabox Tea Guide
  • Tea Brewing Guide
  • Tea Brewing Tips


 Coffee Brewing Guide

There are two types of coffee that subscribers are asked to choose when they sign up for a Kitchabox – Espresso and Drip.

Our espresso coffees include Brazilian Express, Ethiopian Forest, Coffee Farmer’s Pick, Soulful Blend, and so much more. We recommend a dose of 18 – 22 grams of coffee for a brewed volume or weight of 1.5 – 1.75 oz or 30 – 35 grams. Brewing water temperature should be 199 – 201 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 – 94 degrees Celsius. Allow a brew time of 25 – 30 seconds.

Our drip coffees include Colombian Sky, Kenyan Sunset, Dusk Till Dawn, Decadent Drip among others. We recommend a brewing ratio of 30 grams of coffee per 350 grams of water. Grind size should have a medium-fine coarseness. Allow a brewing time of 3 – 4 minutes.

Boost Your Coffee For Everyday Happiness

Here are some fun videos you might want to check out on how you can enhance the flavor of coffee, and also get the most out of its health benefits.

How To Give Your Coffee a Boost

Want to explore more coffee hacks? We made a video on the best ways to make your coffee healthier and more flavorful.

If you’re using a pour over coffee maker to brew your drip coffee beans, check out this video on pairings that go well with your coffee.

And If you want to turn your coffee up a notch, give your usual coffee a twist by making it into a bulletproof coffee! Here’s how you can make one.



Tea Brewing Guide

Our Kitchabox tea options include Black Tea (Premium Organic Ceylon, Begramot Earl Grey), Green Tea (Jasmine Green Tea, Organic China Sencha), Oolong (Formosa Oolong), White Tea (Pai Mu Tan), Fusion Teas (Herbs and Berries, Chamomile, Organic Blueberry Blend Rooibos), and Chai (Cinnamon Chai).

If you’re going to brew black tea, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should 4 – 5 minutes. Use 1 teaspoon tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

For green tea, use 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water. Brewing water temperature should be 176 – 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow a steep time of 2 -3 minutes.

If you’re going to brew oolong tea, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should 4 – 5 minutes. Use 1 teaspoon tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

For white tea, use 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water. Brewing water temperature should be 176 – 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow a steep time of 2 -3 minutes.

For the Herbs and Berries Fusion Tea, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should be 5 – 10 minutes. Use 1 teaspoon tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

For the Chamomile Fusion Tea, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should be 10 minutes. Use 2 – 3 teaspoons of tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

For Organic Blueberry Blend Rooibos, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should be 8 – 10 minutes. Use 1 – 2 teaspoons tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

For Cinnamon Chai Tea, we recommend a brewing water temperature of 203 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steep time should be 4 – 5 minutes. Use 1 – 2 teaspoons tea leaves for every 6 ounces of water.

Tea Tips

We have prepped up tea brewing tips and hacks over the past several months here at Kitchables. Here are our top links from how to make the perfect cup of tea to how you can make the most out of your brewed perfection.

How To Make Your Perfect Cup of Tea

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tea

12 Easy Tea Drink Recipes You Can Try At Home

8 Easy Ways to Infuse Tea to Recipes and Cooking

Pour Over Guide

Kitchables Pour Over Coffee 101: How To Brew the Best Pour Over

Pour over brewing has revolutionized how people make coffee at home. Its simplicity and ingenuity makes brewing coffee a great ritual to look forward to. The resulting brewed coffee has a clean and flavorful taste. It definitely brings out the best flavor out of coffee beans.

We made a series of pour over coffee infographics for you to get a good grasp on what pour over is. We’ve got something from its history to the best way on how you can do it at home. Check these out and let us know what you think!

The Evolution of Drip Coffee Maker

This infographic gives you a general overview of how drip coffee makers evolved all throughout history. Pour overs or drip coffee makers have indeed come a long way.


How To Make the Best Brewed Coffee

If you’re a bit confused as to what you should do in order to make the best coffee possible, we simplify everything in this no-fuss infographic. You just need to remember three basic points – brew factors, grind size, and coffee tools. From there you can trace other points such as coffee-to-water ratio, proper grind size for each coffee maker, and what to buy to improve your brewing game.


How To Make A Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Drip brewing is not really rocket science, as we show you five easy steps on how to make the most out of your pour over coffee maker. Let the brewing games begin!


kitchabox subscription box

Kitchabox: Personalized Coffee and Tea Subscription

We at Kitchabes strive to provide the best experience for coffee and tea aficionados. We have developed coffee and tea essentials over the past few years which people love to buy for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones.

And now we are turning it up a notch by offering a coffee or tea subscription box specifically made for the subscriber’s lifestyle.

We curate coffee and tea blends from around the world with the subscriber’s preferences in mind. Our coffee and tea products are made with love – by upholding fair trade and environmental sustainability practices. Every box is filled with love and offers you a great farm to cup experience.


The Kitchabox is a subscription box filled with fresh, delicious and ethically sourced coffee beans and loose leaf teas delivered to you (or someone else you want it to be sent to) every month. You have the option to subscribe for one, three, six or twelve months.

Your sign up process starts with a simple quiz which takes note of your preferences for coffee or tea. We will then curate coffee beans or loose leaf teas which suit your tastes. There will also be information pamphlets included in the Kitchabox for you to know more about where the coffee beans or loose leaf teas come from. There are also brewing guides included to help you make the perfect cup of coffee or tea.


Start your adventure of getting a Kitchabox by clicking here!

Here’s how you can make the most out of your profiling quiz:


  1. There will be an option to choose between DRIP or ESPRESSO types of coffee. Choose the DRIP option If you are using drip coffee makers such as pour over, automatic drip machine, or coffee filter. Choose the ESPRESSO option if you use an espresso machine, aeropress, or French press.
  2. You will also be asked how many coffee bean bags you want delivered every month. Try estimating how many cups of coffee you make at home in a month. The “1 x 300 g” option is enough for 30 cups and the “2 x 300g” option gives you 60 cups.
  3. You have the option to choose how many months you want to get a Kitchabox. There’s a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscription plan.
  4. You’ll also be asked what your usual day is like – Easy going and relaxed? Busy but productive? Or non-stop hectic?
  5. Take note of what kind of coffee you like or what your taste buds usually crave. Do you like something sweet and savory? How about fruity and citrusy? Do you like chocolate notes with a nutty and bold flavor?


  1. You’ll be asked which teas you prefer – black, green, mixed, or fusion teas. Black and green teas are basic offerings, while mixed and fusion teas are a blend of complementary flavors.
  2. There’s also an option to choose how much tea you want – the “2 x 30g” option makes 30 cups of tea while the “4 x 30g” option makes 60 cups of tea.
  3. You have the option to choose how many months you want to get a Kitchabox tea subscription. There’s a month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscription plan.
  4. You’ll also be asked what your usual day is like – Easy going and relaxed? Busy but productive? Or non-stop hectic?
  5. You’ll also get the chance to choose which particular benefits you want to get from you cup of tea. Choose among beauty, energy boosting, relaxation, or holistic health benefits.


We offer Kitchables Starter Kits (for coffee and tea) which you have the option to add to cart upon check out. The coffee subscription starter kits include a pour over coffee maker, gooseneck kettle, and double-walled glasses. The tea subscription starter kits include an imperial teapot, gooseneck kettle, and a set of teacups.


Your monthly Kitchabox delivery would definitely be something to look forward to! It’s like getting a coffee or tea gift set for yourself or a loved one every month, for as long as you want. The Kitchabox is perfect for those who can’t get enough of coffee or tea, and would like to get surprised with awesome goodies every month. The subscription box is also perfect as a gift to impress your family members or friends.

Start your journey for the love of coffee and tea here —