Sala Stone Mahabis Gold Edition

1 x36 / grasten gold


Larvik Light Grey Mahabis Classic Bundle (+FREE soles)

127 x36 / larvik grey


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  • create with Kitchables Cork Coasters: they’re more than meets the eye!

create with Kitchables Cork Coasters: they’re more than meets the eye!

Kitchables cork coasters can shield your valued antique mahogany table from water drips and dribbles. You can place them atop your favorite glass mugs to serve as temporary lid protecting your drinks from dust and tiny insects. They can play the role of spoon rest for scooping or serving utensils such as ladles when you’re cooking.

While our Kitchables Cork Coasters are made to ideally serve their original and regular purposes, they can very well be flexible in usage, too. They are truly versatile.

Stick ‘em together into a mosaic: make a trivet or a kitchen wall ornament

Fasten Hexagon Kitchables Cork Coasters adjacent each other to create the illusion of a bee hive. Then use the finished project as a trivet like one of our Amazon customers has done. He even shared a photo of his completed work!

To quote another one of our customers, hexagon makes for the perfect shape that leaves little to no waste when altering and maneuvering them into another design. Our buyer also attests how sturdy our coasters are with its adequate thickness.

Feel free to paint and doodle on the Kitchables cork coasters!

“Perfect DIY gifts.”

Think of them as a blank canvas waiting to be splashed and sprayed on with your own colorful ideas.

Prep up your coasters and prime them! After drying the primer, acrylic paint is best to use as it works perfectly well with and sets in nicely on the cork material. Spray paint is also a good medium.

Try and combine bold and subtle hues on your coasters. Doodle on them your version of all-time favorite movie characters. Create harmony with simplistic and rhythmic patterns of only two or three alternating colors.

If you are more avant-garde in your approach and would rather be a little less traditional with your cork coaster art, laser engraving is another cool, innovative option!

Jump in and join the fun!

More and more consumers are patronizing the Kitchables Cork Coasters and are having fun and getting inventive with these useful and adaptable trinkets. So should you!

Time to stretch your imagination! Don’t forget to get your friends involved in your artsy project. To the moms and dads, call on your kids in a Saturday afternoon of bonding and make unusual designs with them using our cork coasters.

Get your own set now and transform their minimalist elegance into colorful charm using your intuitive artistic skills and a dash of originality!

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