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  • How To Create An Amazing Coffee Bar at Home

How To Create An Amazing Coffee Bar at Home

Imagine a corner in your home where you can always get a happy boost – in the form of a coffee bar. You might no longer need to head outside and go to a coffee shop that often when you can have a little café in your own home. This will save you thousands of bucks from your coffee shop hopping budget. Plus, you can sit back and relax, have the exact kind of coffee you want, within the comforts that your home provides.

In this week’s Kitchables coffee guide, we tackle the ins and outs of coming up with your own coffee bar. We’ll give you ideas on how to design this particular station and what you need to set it up. You can work with what you have by repurposing materials, or you can start from scratch by customizing your dream coffee bar.

We’ll help you cover all the bases in designing a coffee bar such as the following:

  • Getting Inspiration
  • What You Need In a Coffee Bar
  • Working with What You Have
  • Starting From Scratch


You have to be greatly inspired about something to come up with the best result. Expand your mind by looking for ideas, or brainstorming your own, for a coffee bar that you would love for a very long time. Here are some tips and tricks that would help bring out your best coffee bar idea.

Tip #1: Inspiration Bank

You can find a lot of inspiration in print and online. We recommend that you check out Pinterest boards, or even come up with your own. Making a Pinterest board allows you to curate design inspiration and ideas found all over the web. It also gives you a nice overview of the style set that you want to achieve.

Tip #2: Key Questions

Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? Do you have a particular vision as to what your coffee bar would look like? What do you want your coffee bar to have? Let your imagination run wild as to how awesome your coffee bar would be.

Tip #3: Begin with the End in Mind

Remember that a coffee bar would be like having your own mini coffee shop at home. It should have everything you need (and a little bit more) in making and enjoying coffee. It should help you make great-tasting coffee while being a fun corner to serve your guests. It should be something that you will be really proud of while being functional for a long time.

Tip #4: Sketch Ideas

Sketch ideas on what you want for your coffee bar. It’s best that the coffee bar would fit nicely with the interior look and feel of your house. You can sketch your own or ask for the help of a more artistic friend or expert. Sketching your idea on paper will take you one step closer to building it into reality.

Tip #5: Share the Love

Share your ideas with the people that you live with. Let them into the game of having this happy corner in your living space. You might get them excited about this prospect of having a coffee bar, and they could help you along the way.

Keep in mind that you are creating a space to serve people. This coffee bar will serve your daily coffee needs. It can also be a spot where family and guests can convene to get a dose of your favorite coffee. A coffee bar is more than just a storage for coffee accessories. It can be the conversation starter at a party, a place where you can always be happy, or simply a showcase of your love for coffee.


We start off with the essentials and suggest other things you might need. Every individual will have different preferences on what to include in a coffee bar, but this list covers the common elements found in home coffee stations.

coffee and mugs


  1. Coffee Maker

Determine which type of coffee maker best suits your needs. Automatic coffee makers such as espresso machines or drip machines will take more space. Manual coffee makers such as a French press or pour-over coffee maker are classic and functional pieces to add. Whatever coffee maker you choose, make sure that it gives you the best cup of coffee that suits your taste.

  1. Coffee Beans

It’s still best to buy whole coffee beans to ensure freshness in every cup. Experiment on different coffee beans and brew them with your favorite coffee maker. You may also opt to get a coffee subscription to keep your coffee bar well-stocked. Showcase a collection of your best coffee beans on your coffee bar and be proud of it. Store your coffee beans in air-tight containers to maintain freshness.

  1. Grinder

A burr grinder brings out the best grind for your coffee. Get a ceramic burr grinder with adjustable settings.

  1. Weighing scale

This will help you accurately measure the right amount of coffee beans or grounds to make the perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Kettle

If you’re going to make coffee using a manual coffee maker, a kettle is a must in brewing. Purchase a high-quality gooseneck kettle to make brewing a breeze. We recommend a kettle with a built-in thermometer to get the right water temperature.

  1. Mugs and Cups

Mugs and cups with saucers are not just functional pieces, but they can also add an aesthetic appeal to your coffee bar’s overall look. You can work with the color scheme of your current coffee mugs in store, or buy extra ones which have a design that you like. Choose pieces which add color or emphasize the style that you want for your coffee bar.

If you have an espresso machine or fancy making desserts in cups, we recommend getting stylish espresso cups to add to your home coffee bar.

  1. Teaspoons or Stirring Sticks

Store your teaspoons or stirring sticks in fun glass containers. Teaspoons can be used over and over again at home, while stirring sticks are perfect to use whenever you have guests.

  1. Condiments

These include sugar, sweeteners, syrups, cinnamon, chocolate powder, and any other additions you want in your coffee. You can also add tea leaves or tea bags if you want to have tea at times with your family or guests.

Other Things To Consider

coffee bar

  1. Portable Stovetop or Hot Plate

A small stovetop or hot plate will help you boil water on the spot. A hot plate is especially useful when you are brewing coffee manually.

  1. Small bowls

Small bowls will help you in setting aside coffee beans or grounds while you’re brewing coffee. And yes, it can also be used for other purposes.

  1. Syrups

Gourmet syrups will add a great twist to your usual cup of coffee. Experiment with different syrup flavors and display them as key elements of your coffee bar.

  1. Instant Coffee

You may add instant coffee packs to your coffee station whenever you need a quick cup of coffee for yourself or guests.

  1. Sugar and Creamer Packs

Purchasing sugar and creamer packs is a wise and economical move. They ensure that you don’t go overboard with using additions to coffee. These are also perfect condiments to use whenever you have guests at home.

  1. Cleaning Materials

Keep small towels, napkins, sanitizers and other cleaning agents in store to keep your coffee bar spick and span.

  1. Thermometer

A stick thermometer will help you in the coffee brewing process. Choose a smart stick thermometer to help you efficiently check temperatures.

  1. Measuring Cups

Glass measuring cups will help you measure the right amount of ingredients to make the perfect cup of coffee, or perhaps mix ingredients for whatever dessert you want to make with coffee.


Recycling or repurposing materials will save you a ton of bucks in making a coffee bar. The great thing about repurposing is that you don’t have to add more furniture that can increase the clutter in your home. Start with what you have at home and go creative!

Closeup of Woman Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have a cart?

A vintage tray or cart is the best way to have a coffee bar on wheels. It can also be a breakfast station where you can have your coffee and light meals. If it only has one tray on top, add more trays at the lower level to contain other coffee accessories. Paint it with whatever color or pattern you want.

Do you want to repurpose a table, cabinet or dresser?

We usually buy furniture and forget about it over time. Make the most out of the furniture you don’t need and turn it into the best thing you could ever have at home. Repurposing cabinets, tables, or dressers into a coffee bar will save you money while stretching your creative muscles.

Find a way to organize your coffee tools and accessories in your repurposed furniture. The top portion can hold your coffee makers, beans, and mugs. If it has drawers, you can put condiments and other accessories in it. If you want to add more compartments, simply cut some reclaimed wood and attach them to the coffee bar using nails or screws.

Do you have bookshelves at home?

The compartments of bookshelves are a perfect way to store and display coffee accessories. It’s like going to your bookshelf, not for books, but for coffee now. Organize your coffee makers and accessories within each shelf according to purpose or frequency of use. A bookshelf is also an excellent way to display your gourmet coffee and syrups.

Do you have wooden crates?

Stack wooden crates on top of each other and paint them with the perfect color that fits right into your interiors. They can be instant organizers and display cases to store your coffee essentials. You can also do this with wooden boxes, cases, or drawers that you can find at home.


If you want to start from the very scratch of designing your ultimate coffee bar, here are some steps that can help you achieve that dream. This option in making a coffee bar might be more expensive, but it will always result in something stylish, elegant, and more custom-built for your interiors. It can also save you a lot of time and effort in building your dream coffee bar.

Confident Carpenters Making Cabinet

  1. Dimensions of Your Coffee Bar

Take into account all of the things you need and determine the space required for each part of your coffee bar. You might need bigger dimensions if you have an espresso machine or automatic drip coffee maker. Take note of all other essentials such as coffee beans and mugs. Everything has to fit perfectly in your coffee bar without looking too stuffy.

  1. Sketch studies for your coffee bar

Sketch by hand or with a computer program. One of the easiest ways to 3D-design anything is through Google SketchUp. It might take an hour or less to learn the tool, but designing will be so easy using it. The good thing about SketchUp is that you can design anything according to the right dimensions, and print the design out that includes the measurements using the Layout tool.

If all else fails, you may also opt to hire a designer to help you custom-design a coffee bar. You can tell the designer your wishlist for your coffee bar, and he/she can cook something up for you.

  1. A custom-built coffee bar

Check online or the local directory for carpenters or custom-designing shops. Send them the design that you want and negotiate prices. The cost will depend on your requirements and the rates of the shop. It pays to canvass prices from different services to see which gives you more value for your money.


A coffee bar is a great addition to any home. Take note of the things you need and want for a coffee station. Make sure that your coffee accessories are of excellent quality so that you will enjoy all the perks of your coffee bar. Let your creativity run wild in designing and building this happy corner. Whether you’re repurposing furniture or building from scratch, the result must be something that serves you well.



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