Kitchables Tea Guide

The Kitchables Guide To Tea: Health Benefits and Delicious Options

We’re excited to show you our series of informational videos about tea! This series focuses on the benefits of tea when it comes to health and spicing up your life! You’ll get to discover that tea is not just a calming and uplifting beverage which brings out the zen from within. You can also use it on your favorite recipes, find creative ways to use it, and finally get rid of those extra pounds.

So here are some short videos that we came up with as some sort of easy-to-digest information about this great beverage. Enjoy!

5 Great Reasons Why Drinking Tea is Good For You

This “enlightenment in a cup” has loads of health benefits that will improve your fitness. Get more out of life with a daily dose of zen – whenever you need it during the day.

Get To Know the Four Main Types of Tea

We recommend drinking these four types of tea for you to know which one (or more) really work for you! Each type of tea has its own set of benefits and flavor. You’ll be missing half of your life if you won’t explore each one of them.

How To Do a 7-Day Teatox

Here’s a safe way on how to do a tea detox for you to shed off those extra pounds. You’ll feel lighter and more vibrant with each succeeding day. Try it and see for yourself!

You can also know more about experiencing natural green tea detox the right way here.

5 Delicious Ways You Can Use Matcha at Home

There’s more to matcha than meets the eye. Try one or more of these tips for you to truly appreciate this nature’s wonder!

5 Easy Ways to Infuse Tea to Your Most Loved Recipes

Here are some ways you can bring out the best flavor out of meals using tea! You’ll be surprised with the delicious results.

stay beautiful

5 Ways Tea Can Help You Stay Beautiful

The many health benefits of tea are undeniable. If you’re an avid tea drinker, you have probably already witnessed firsthand the goodness of tea. From white, green, black, and oolong tea to different types of herbal teas or tisanes, there’s never a shortage of advantages to you. There’s even a tea for different moods!

Tea has even more to offer, and one of the most exciting is its beauty benefits or uses. Oftentimes, you surround yourself with beauty products to achieve what you need in the beauty department (and there’s nothing wrong with that). But sometimes, when you just want to keep things simple, and not spend too much, you can hit two birds with one stone by getting to drink your favorite beverage and achieve some of the beauty fixes you need.

Here we will outline 5 ways tea can help you stay beautiful so that you too can enjoy your cup of tea more than you usually would.

1. Tea improves skin complexion.

Green tea has long been known to improve skin complexion and elasticity. With its high content of anti-oxidants, enzymes, and amino acids, it helps remove toxins and impurities from your skin which then helps heal blemishes and scars, as well as reduce inflammation. You can either use green tea for your face mask, or drink a cup with honey or lemon daily.

For face mask, you just need used green tea bags, raw honey, and lemon. Mix the green tea contents in 1-2 teaspoon of raw honey. Add some lemon juice, and then apply the mixture to your face. After 5-10 minutes, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Let it help you achieve a clearer skin and enhanced complexion. Use the green tea mask once or twice a week.

2. Tea helps with hair growth.

Green tea helps promote hair growth. Aside from that, it can also prevent usual problems like dandruff and dry scalp. It also adds shine and color to dull hair. The catechins contained in green tea help block the key causes of hair loss making it ideal for those who are concerned about hair growth.

You can enjoy two options:
1) After washing your hair, rinse it with freshly brewed cool green tea. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. Best to do this twice or thrice a week.
2) Drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day.

Enjoy your strong and beautiful hair!

3. Tea helps reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

If you struggle with puffy eyes and dark circles, then worry no more because the antioxidants and tannins in green tea help shrink the blood vessels underneath the skin around the eyes, thus reducing the swelling and puffiness. The vitamins contained in green tea also help to lighten dark circles around the eyes.

To achieve healthy under eyes:
1) Refrigerate 2 used green tea bags for 30 minutes.
2) Position the cold tea bags on your closed eyelids.
3) Let it stay for 15 minutes.
Do the process twice a day until you see progress and desired results.

stay beautiful

4. Tea helps treat acne and pimples.

Green tea extracts have good antibacterial agents. There have been a good number of researches showing that tea, most especially green tea, helps with fighting the causes of acne and pimples such as inflammation, hormones, or insulin resistance.

It is important to note that there has been no solid evidence that green tea indeed treats acne, but there are studies that showed it improves the condition. This means that the researches may show that green tea can help treat acne; however, it may not be true for everyone who drinks green tea.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to try as green tea truly has positive effects on your skin and body. Drinking 3-6 cups of fresh green tea daily is definitely a good start.

5. Tea fights skin aging.

A lot of changes can happen to your body and skin especially when you are not getting any younger. Everybody wants to age gracefully, and one of the ways to do just that is to look your best still. Signs of aging are mostly evident in your skin, so taking care of it is necessary to help you navigate the years ahead.

Green tea’s antioxidants are powerful in fighting the signs of skin aging. The catechins in green tea are also known to reactivate drying skin cells. They also help fight other signs of damage such as age spots and wrinkles.

Along with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, there’s no doubt you can kick-start your beauty routine with your daily consumption of tea. Remember that tea is not a miracle cure or a magic ingredient that will just immediately fix your beauty concerns. You also need to work hard in taking care of your skin and your overall well-being to stay beautiful.

15 Delicious Ways You Can Use Matcha

There’s a bunch of super creative uses for matcha green tea. Yup, we hear matcha lovers rejoice! The popular powdered green tea has entered the mainstream for all good reasons. It’s been loved by many because of its earthy sweet taste, as well as the good things it does for the body.

Unsweetened matcha green tea drink is best because there’s no added sugar. Some people are put off by its grassy taste though, so if you want something sweeter, you can opt to use natural sweeteners and add moderate amounts only. That’s if you really want to reap the potential benefits of green tea.

Now if you are feeling a little more experimental or if you want to try something new, not to mention score an extra dose of anti-oxidants, there are several food recipes that make good use of matcha! You already know about matcha latte or smoothie. Take a look at these ideas. For sure, you will love at least one or two of these.

1. Seasoning for side dishes – If you are fond of side dishes, sprinkle matcha powder instead of salt, pepper, or other spices. You can also experiment and mix it with other spices and see if it comes out tasty for you.

2. Miso soup – This traditional Japanese soup can be prepared in many ways depending on the chef. Usually, there are vegetables and meat. The soup can be salty. Try adding matcha powder to counter the saltiness.

3. Chicken tenders – Mix matcha powder with panko (in Japanese cooking) or breadcrumbs that have light and flaky texture. Just do the usual routine of drenching the chicken tender in seasoned flour, then egg, then the matcha + panko mixture. Delicious when baked!

4. Chicken or pork curry – Easy! Just add matcha powder to your spices, and cook as usual.

5. Matcha Granola Bars – If you want a new kind of boost before doing your daily activities, start preparing your matcha granola bars. These will be a runner’s delight for sure.

6. Matcha Oatmeal – We mean yes! Matcha might have a strange taste for some, and you might not like it at all in your oatmeal but just try and see how it goes out. Add a sweetener if you must!

7. Matcha Chia Seeds Pudding – This one’s famous. No need for fancy equipment; just a little patience to wait it out while it’s sitting in the fridge to achieve its creamy and thick texture. This is perfect for breakfast or snacks.

8. Homemade Ice Cream & Ice Pops – This one’s even more famous! You will see matcha-flavored ice cream and ice pops in most stores nowadays. When you chance upon really good ones, you’re in for a never-ending adventure. You’d want to recreate and make your own for daily consumption. LOL

matcha ice cream

9. Sandwich Spread – So have you heard of this? This certainly exists! Think matcha milk jam, matcha milk peanut spread, and matcha cream cheese spread. Go ahead and google those!

10. Guacamole – Two very trendy foods today: matcha and avocado. What more can you ask for? Yup, quick and easy. Best for dips and salads. Holy guacamole!

11. Matcha Rice – Are you a rice person? This might interest you! It’s pretty much like adding matcha flavor to your rice. Go try it!

12. Matcha Jello – Perfect snacks for kids and kids at heart. Matcha Jello or jell-o makes a good dessert in your home.

13. Matcha Popcorn – Love popcorn? Now you can have a healthier version of your movie marathon snack. Add matcha powder instead of cheese for a change.

14. Ice cubes – Yes to matcha ice cubes! You’re probably familiar of coffee ice cubes, milk, or whatnot. Add matcha to the list. It’s a perfect addition to your cocktail drinks, lemonades, or juices.

15. Sweet treats & baked goods – There are a ton of these that you can make. Thanks to the ever versatile matcha. If you’re tired of your usual ingredients, spice up your baking life by having matcha as your new staple. Here are some ideas.






Cheesecake bars



Butter cups




Cream puffs


Ice cream sandwich

Yey, are you ready to make your own matcha-infused recipe? Now go and enjoy!

Experience Natural Green Tea Detox the Right Way

Nowadays, there are several popular detox tea plans, commonly called teatox, offered to people who want to do a body cleanse or to those who want to lose weight. A lot of people think that teatox teas are the same as the regular herbal teas or green teas, but the truth is that, they’re different. Without knowing the effects of teatox, it may cause more harm than good, so it’s always best to be informed.

Although teatox teas are also herbal teas, they are different because they contain laxatives and diuretics that will make you lose waste matter and water from your body. Note: Laxatives are substances that increase bowel movements, and are used to prevent and treat constipation, while diuretics are those products that increase urine production.

Teatox diets are supposed to help rid your body of toxins due to pollutants in the environment. In truth though, the body already has built-in organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, and digestive system to help remove toxic substances even without special detox diets. This is why if you don’t have issues with your bowel movement, then teatox might just cause a range of side-effects like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and stomach cramps if you’re not careful.

If you really want to reap the best health benefits from tea, it’s highly advisable that you stick to natural green tea detox or cleansing instead. Green tea doesn’t include additional substances like laxatives and diuretics. It’s just pure healthy green tea with anti-oxidants that can help your body fight free radicals.

Green tea is the perfect drink to refresh, rehydrate, and cleanse your system. Incorporate it into your diet for over a few weeks, and you’ll see a difference in your well-being.

How to Get Started with Green Tea Detox

1. With green tea cleanse, you can start by drinking premium green tea throughout the day. They say that you can never go wrong with green tea but to keep your digestive system working smoothly, you can start with 2-3 cups of green tea daily.

2. Incorporate green tea to your nutrient-rich diet. Remember to eat natural and wholesome food as these will help your body stay energized and feel less bloated.

3. Exercise! Keep yourself active or in motion while detoxing. You don’t have to do heavy exercises when you can’t. Light exercises that at least make you sweat daily are good.

4. Choose premium green tea varieties. Strive to get the purest, freshest, and high-quality green tea you can find. It might cost more money than the regular ones, but at least you’ll enjoy the flavor and aroma. Research online what’s best for you and make sure that the green tea you choose comes highly recommended. Drinking only the best ensures that you enjoy the taste of your green tea as you go about your detox journey.

5. Steep your tea properly. Always follow the recommended instructions from the tea manufacturer. Not steeping properly will compromise the flavor and quality of your green tea. You might end up not liking the taste, and thus, it’s going to be a waste of time, money, and effort.

6. Take time to drink your tea. But not so much that it gets cold; just enough for you not to burn your tongue. Appreciate the tea’s flavor by sipping gently and slowly. Just relax and reflect.

7. Rest. Part of your detoxification is to rest well. As much as possible, choose a period when you are not stressed, or you don’t have a hectic schedule.

8. Release the bad emotions from your life. Along with detoxing your system, it’s also best to let go of bad vibes and negative energy. Focus on yourself and work on being healthy. Avoid unnecessary drama and any other things that might put your mood down.

Detoxing with natural green tea is like flushing out the toxins from your system. It doesn’t only boost your immune system; it also protects your body from toxic substances.

Green tea has also been known to burn fat and improve metabolism – both necessary to lose weight. Of course, nothing comes easy in this world (or at least on a weight loss journey). You’re always gonna need to work on yourself to achieve better health and well-being.

Green Tea Detox Recipes to Try at Home

Green Tea might as well be called a superfood. It has so many nutrients to keep you healthy and active. Although much of the nutrients in green tea are still intact even after processing, you can also try to incorporate other ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals to aid your detox journey.

We found these three easy yet nutrient-rich recipes from Detox DIY that you might want to try to keep your detox more exciting. Just go over the linked article to see instructions on how to do the following:

1. Cleansing Green Tea and Berry Shake

2. Energizing Cucumber and Green Tea Smoothie

3. Hydrating Watermelon and Green Tea Slush

If you want more recipes, Pinterest is a gold-mine of information. There’s always something for everyone! But before you decide to follow such recipes, be sure to double-check if all the ingredients are right for you.

With this kind of green tea detox, you don’t have to take in harsh laxatives and diuretics that will cause side effects (unless of course you need to and it’s approved by your doctor). Most importantly, you don’t have to starve yourself. The key is to keep a balanced diet filled with essential nutrients. Also, don’t forget to consult an expert whenever you plan to make significant changes in your diet.


Getting to Know Your Favorite Matcha Green Tea

There has been so much hype about matcha green tea, and it seems like it is almost everybody’s favorite green tea. Judging by the rise of matcha-infused recipes in several stores, coffee/tea shops, and even in people’s households, matcha can be considered a star on its own.

Although matcha is not new at all, the modern world can perhaps say that it’s well past the “hype” stage and has established its familiarity and uniqueness in the past few years. It has also certainly become a trendy drink – one that has numerous health benefits.

There are several interesting things you might want to know about matcha before you indulge or as you indulge in its goodness.

Origin and Preparation

Matcha is a real variety of green tea. By real we mean it came from the tea plant Camellia sinensis which is commonly found in Southern China. Green tea is known to be the healthiest form of tea because of lack in processing, and due to this, it has very high nutrient levels. It’s made from young leaves carefully picked from the tips of shade-grown tea plants.

While the tea plant itself is found in China, the use of matcha green tea originated in Japan. It literally translates to powdered green tea – cha means tea and ma means powder. When you ask tea experts, they will most likely tell you that the best matcha is really in Japan. It isn’t suprising because matcha had been a large part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies as early as the 12th century.

Before harvesting the leaves, the tea plants are covered with shade cloths to trigger the growth of the leaves which then results in better flavor and texture. Green tea has two main varieties. If the leaves are rolled out flat before drying, they’re called Gyokuro  – a premium type of green tea. If the leaves are laid out to dry, they’re called Tencha, and this is used for making matcha.

The hand-selected leaves are briefly steamed to stop fermentation. The stems and veins are removed before stone-grinding the leaves into very fine powder which is then called matcha. Matcha is stored away from light and oxygen to keep its naturally beautiful green color and its potent antioxidant properties.

Two Forms of Matcha


This translates to “thin tea” and is the most common. This is also what most cafes and restaurants offer. It’s very easy to prepare. First, sift a teaspoon of matcha powder into a bowl. Sifting is important to break up all the clumps of the powder and so you can come up with a much finer one.

Then, carefully pour 3 ounces of water into the bowl with matcha then whisk it until it becomes frothy. Remember to whisk in a zigzag manner and not stir in a circular motion. Once it’s nice and frothy with small bubbles on the surface, you’re ready to consume it.

Unlike a regular green tea where you need to brew and steep then discard the leaves, with matcha, you actually prepare or come up with a suspension. You’ll find that this matcha is usually sweet and grassy and sometimes has a hint of bitterness.


Koicha translates to “thick tea.” This is produced with half the amount of water and twice the amount of matcha powder used in usucha. Unlike usucha, it isn’t whisked quickly. Koicha is gently kneaded using a bamboo whisk. This results to a very thick tea similar to the texture of paint.

This form of matcha green tea is made from high-grade tea leaves and is used during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Usucha, on the other hand, is made from second highest grade matcha green tea.

Awesome Health Benefits of Matcha

Rich in antioxidants

Tea, in general, is known to be rich in antioxidants. These are the nutrients and enzymes that help the body fight the negative effects of the environment such as UV radiation and other harmful diseases. Unlike other teas wherein the leaves are discarded right after steeping or infusing, matcha is whole leaves ground into powder form. This means that you are getting the best of its health benefits.

Matcha is also full of catechins which are one of the most beneficial antioxidants. Compared to other green tea varieties in the market, matcha has the highest amount of these antioxidants which are also recognized to have the most cancer-fighting properties.

Helps burn calories

Matcha is known to increase metabolism which helps the body burn fat faster than the average. If you are currently on a weight-loss journey, matcha may be a good drink for you. It’s all natural and doesn’t have side effects such as high blood pressure, and increased heart rate or nervousness.

Matcha can even boost your energy and endurance. Yes, it naturally contains caffeine, but the energy boost can be largely attributed to the combination of nutrients found in it.

Detoxifies the body

As mentioned earlier, the leaves of green tea are shade-grown a few weeks before harvesting. This increases chlorophyll production, and this doesn’t only give it its vibrant green color, it’s also responsible for naturally getting rid of heavy metals and toxins from the body.

Helps boost the immune system

With all the antioxidants or catechins found in matcha green tea, it’s not surprising that this super food helps boost your overall health. It helps strengthen your immune system so that your body can protect itself from hazardous environmental elements and other diseases.

What else do you need to know about matcha? Aside from its amazing health benefits, it does make you happy, warm, and fuzzy! You’ve got to admit that matcha is one super food or super drink that can change the way you view your morning tea.

Note: L-theanine is the rare amino acid that’s possible for the release of serotonin and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters give you the feeling of calm, happiness, and contentment.

Well, we all have preferences, and if you fancy other types of tea, that’s great too! But the next time you want to try something other than black or white tea, add matcha to your list, and you’ll likely never regret you did!

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